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About HaveProof.com

HaveProof.com provides to you its Content Delivery CertificationSM service. We offer you proof for your sent email and printed document correspondence, both for the document's content and its delivery. Create your free account and HaveProof of your correspondence.

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How does HaveProof.com work?

Once you have created your free account, you can use it to send email and printed documents to anyone. Your account is free and we are not spyware, trialware, adware, or malware. An encrypted copy that only you have the password for, along with delivery information such as date and time, is kept by us. If you ever need to HaveProof of what you sent, when and to whom, along with the delivery status, it is available from us.


What proof does HaveProof.com offer?

Your documents are handled in what is termed, "an arm's length transaction", by us. Once you use your HaveProof.com account to send a document, its content and delivery information is escrowed in our secure database and cannot be altered by you or any other party. You can then use your HaveProof.com account to display to anyone you choose, what you sent in an email or printed document, to whom, when, and what happened with the document's delivery. We also offer a service where for a fee, proof can be given by us to others. We can provide a controlled view of your sent document to anyone with Internet access you choose and we can also send one or more notarized affidavits about your document and its contents to you or to any address you request (such as an attorney or court).


When would I use HaveProof.com?

Anytime you want to HaveProof of what you sent. There is also the option of saving just the contents of an email or printed document without it being sent to anyone as a way to HaveProof in the future of the content you created and when. Refer to examples for more information.


My computer / email account keeps copies of my sent email, why can't I just use this as proof?

Only our Content Delivery CertificationSM service provides the neutral objective evidence required for you to HaveProof. Otherwise, there can be no assurance that the email copy you are seeking to offer as proof has not been modified or spoofed from the actual original. And...unless you used HaveProof.com when you sent an email, you will be stuck when your printed out email is later rejected as unsuitable proof.


I've heard about Digital Signatures, isn't this what I want to use?

Digital Signing is a different concept from our Content Delivery CertificationSM service. A Digital Signature is used to confirm the identity of a person in cyberspace. Digital Signatures are fully compatible with our service, which can be used to certify the contents of an email along with when and to what email address it was sent.

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How secure is my information?

Information associated with your HaveProof.com account, such as the contents of any document you send, is strongly encrypted with AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) using a passphrase (password) that you solely control. So it is very important for you to safeguard any passphrase you use, as we, nor anyone else, otherwise have no access to your document contents. Multiple separate backup copies are kept of this encrypted information and stored using strong safeguarding procedures. Further, a confirmation that your document has been successfully backed up in this way is attached to your account, allowing you to then know that your document content has been safeguarded for any future use.


How long is my information kept?

The initial term for data retention is twelve (12) years. Before any expiration, there is the option for renewal to extend this period.


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