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Inherently Green: using

  1. You send certified letters (printed documents) from the computer at your home or office, eliminating the drive to and from a post office (as well as the wait in line).
  2. Sending a email which is certified is even more eco-friendly as it is both paper-free and eliminates post office trucks hauling your letter around.
  3. A certified letter (printed document) sent by fax is another way to eliminate post office trucking.
  4. With our high quality certification, many people find no need to request a post office return receipt, eliminating the truck to haul it around.
  5. We offer Internet-based certification (view) that uses no paper.


Green Initiatives: inside

  1. uses a limited-image, simplified web site design. This reduces both Internet traffic and our web page server needs, decreasing energy consumption and reducing the carbon footprint in using
  2. We receive electricity from a 30-megawatt clean and renewable geothermal energy plant.
  3. We maintain policies to promote and support alternative transportation use by our employees. This includes car pooling, use of public bus transit, and bicycle commuting. Our three facilities are each located on or very near public bus transit routes and on bike lanes or paths.


A Note on the Post OfficeTM

  • The United States Postal Service (USPS) markets its having green initiatives. The reality is that the USPS works continuously to increase the volume of junk mail it delivers. Junk mail, regardless of whether it is tossed into a trash bin labeled recycling or not, is an environmental tragedy. does not spam and does not support spam, be it unsolicited email, texts, calls, or mail. Using for your certified correspondence and information escrow needs is a pointed vote against the USPS and its anti-environment practices.