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Go to the HaveProof.com home page and select "Sign In" or "My Account" to go to the sign in page.

Sign in to your account. Then select "Send/Store New Document".

Select the email service you want to use, free or attachments like photos allowed. In this example, free web email is used.

Enter your new email contents and destination.

Select your options.

Your email is then sent. You can then view its details.

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For all your documents, you may display your proof at any time in the future in three ways. First, you can sign in to your account and show your certified document to anyone for free. HaveProof certification legally defines what you sent (or stored only), to whom, when, and the delivery status

Second, you can create a "view" for your document. This allows anyone with Internet access to see our certification for your document under your strict control.

Third, you can order a legal document certification affidavit sent to anyone. Note, the exact form and content of the affidavit will vary according to formating selections made by you and the characteristics of the document being certified. For example, was email display (read) tracking used and did the affidavit order request the inclusion the display tracking results in the affidavit.